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Dale Chihuly

Dale Chihuly’s artwork is acclaimed all over the world. He has been at the forefront of a revival of studio glass art that has reinvigorated the craft in traditional European centers, as well as in his native Northwest.  He has found inspiration in nature and in the patterns of Native American textiles and woven baskets, and experimented with form, scale and materials. Some of his early works, such as Seaforms, conjure underwater life, however unintentional. Later he developed the Float series based on his experiences on the coast, where mysterious glass floats from Japan would often wash up encrusted with barnacles, calcified white traces, and iridescences.

Larry Stone grew up in a family that loved and worked with glass art.  He followed Dale Chihuly’s output from the days of Pilchuck Glass School in the 1970’s and was fortunate to get to know Dale and Leslie through Rubicon restaurant, where four Ikebana sculptures were on loan as a favor to Robin Williams.  They were a prominent feature throughout the life of the restaurant.

Dale Chihuly’s art is found on some of the special wine we make from our own and other’s vineyards.  There are two images, one for Chardonnay and the other for Pinot Noir, taken from the artist’s drawings on paper with acrylic paint. These two images augment what we consider special, unique and limited productions. You have seen them on The Plow, Hope Well, Mimi’s Mind and Sisters wines.

The limited cuvées of Pinot Noir, featuring artwork known as Black Glass Float, is inspired by the Japanese floats that show up mysteriously in the northern pacific shores. The world, though vast beyond human scale, can be so interconnected that objects from thousands of miles away appear on remote shores moved by unseen currents.

The special cuvées of Chardonnay have Cylinder Drawing on the label and is inspired by Dale’s love of Native American woven basket design.  The small dark spots on the body of the cylinder are like the shadows at the intersection of the interwoven fibers in a basket when illuminated from above. 

Dale Chihuly’s amazing range of artwork can be viewed here

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