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Lingua Franca LLC

Tallmadge Doyle

Our principal wines from the Estate are in labels whose art is the creation of Tallmadge Doyle. Tallmadge Doyle works, among other media, in copperplate etchings. She has explored the interplay of the human world, human imagination, with cosmological forces in several series of copperplates that she has created. We selected several from her series on Celestial Mapping, in which 15th Century astronomical charts from the Age of Exploration are found in the background while colorful images, some seemingly inspired by Hubble Space Craft photos, others by the calculations of astronomers, dominate the foreground. You will find these on the Lingua Franca Estate, both Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, Bunker Hill and Avni Chardonnay labels.

The art is about man exploring his place in nature, in the world, in the universe—to be filled with wonder, but also to map, discover, and create. What do the stars mean, why are they roadmaps for the journey?

This theme seems to me a perfect reflection of what we strive to do at Lingua Franca, following a thoughtful Biodynamic-influenced philosophy of farming. We work with nature harmoniously, cognizant of the specific place we grow our wines, respecting the native flora and fauna, and cognizant of our place in the universe. Lingua Franca is so oriented that the sun, the moon, (even the recent total solar eclipse) pass directly overhead and make their presence felt.  Our exploration is not to find new worlds but to the discovery of unique terroirs, the great vineyard sites, in Oregon.

At the same time, we humans live on a tiny planet in an infinite universe. We are all trying to find our way using imperfect roadmaps and looking for signs. We need a lingua franca to bring us together.

The Avni Pinot Noir label is from a series dedicated to the pioneering astronomer/priest Giordano Bruno, who not only was an early advocate for the sun being the center of the solar system, but who went beyond the Copernican sun-centered theory and predicted in the 16th Century that the universe is infinite, and therefore without center. His concept of the infinite universe, for which he suffered the ultimate penalty, is memorialized on the Avni Pinot Noir label.

You may look at some examples of fine art from Tallmadge Doyle’s portfolio here.

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